• Hors pistes, Christophe Machet. Photo : Fabrice Schneidder
  • Hors pistes, Christophe Machet. Photo : Emile Barret
  • Hors pistes, Christophe Machet. Photo : Geoffrey Buthey
  • Hors pistes, Christophe Machet. Photo : Geoffrey Buthey
  • Hors pistes, Christophe Machet. Photo : Geoffrey Buthey
designers shortlist 2015
Christophe Machet
Candy lamps

Christophe Machet shares the ecological sensibilities of his generation; though it is not ostensibly asserted, it is inscribed into all of his acts of creation. He generally starts by developing a device in order to exploit freely available resources within the domains that he explores. Invited to Ouagadougou by an association, he marvels at all that is recycled – with the exception of flip-flops, though they are very popular. He envisions these strips of multicoloured foam as an alternative to the woven straw used to protect stalls from the sun.
He designed a die cutter and came up with an attachment system in order to calibrate and assemble the flip-flops recovered from rubbish tips, following cleaning and a coordinated selection. This roof offers a new lasting solution, with a small ecological footprint and a minimal investment.
With the assistance of three other designers, Christophe Machet realised PolyFloss in 2011, a variation on a candy floss machine whose ingredient is polypropylene granules (recycled after use, or recovered from industrial waste). The plastic is transformed into filaments which the designer then in a hands on approach models to fill a barely warm metal mould, manipulating the contrast between the smooth walls and this tousled “wool” This device is used by several schools across the world. Thanks to these creations, often collective, pop and cheerful, he makes individuals masters of materials that until now had been reserved for industrials and their machines.

Text — Magalie Guérin