design parade 7
Atmosphères in Hyères horaires
by Lidewij Edelkoort

A constellation of spheres that seem to float in space, completing one another and engaging themselves in a dialogue on design. A moment for reflection and introspection when form addresses life’s bigger questions; without being moralistic or presenting itself as utopian. Design journeys with us from life to death, teaching us how to play, how to adopt nature in all its intimacy, how to belong to a creative community, how to advance and rethink industrial production, how to annex progress in a nostalgic way, how to stop mutilation as easily as child’s play and how to deal with death differently and more gently. Through seven products and concepts from seven international designers, a positive perspective that is full of hope is brought to the design discipline that seems sometimes to become ephemeral and superfluous. Therefore, a correction of life’s course is felt and promises a better future from crib to coffin.