Commission by Maison Française, styling by Anne Prud'Homme, 2011 © Morgane Le Gall
    Commission by Série Limitée, Les Echos, 2008 © Morgane Le Gall
Exhibitions 2012
design parade 7
Morgane Le Gall horaires

Since 1998, through multiple collaborations with designers, design producers, and the press, I have developed  a photographic body of work based upon objects. Commissions are often the starting point for this work, hence it is a matter of accepting the form of an object, to understand its function, to know its history, in order to re-transcribe its very existence, in the greatest of detail, through photography. Contemporary objects remain my favourite subjects. My role as a photographer takes on its full meaning when I am witness to the first examples coming out of their moulds, being present at the pivotal moment and location between the producer and the public. I consider these objects like characters, whose portraits I am taking. I look for their best side, and thus a dialogue is established between them and me. Through modern photomontage, I can combine the object with external elements, resulting in a juxtaposition that creates a micro-narrative for my subject. This exhibition provides me with the opportunity to put this work into perspective through a selection of key images.
Morgane Le Gall