© François Dumas
    © François Dumas
Exhibitions 2012
design parade 7
Workshops horaires
The partnership developed between the villa Noailles and the ESA TPM, Toulon Provence Mediterranee College of Art allowed workshops for design students with Design Parade award winners. This year, François Dumas, guest designer, had given two of one week courses each. Also Antoine Boudin with Jean-Baptiste Warluzel, both teachers at ESATPM, had given them a common research subject.

François Dumas workshop
During the workshop “PRIMITIFS” (“Primitives”) at the École Supérieure d’Art de Toulon Provence Méditerranée, François Dumas challenged his students with primitive production methods, elementary economic scenarios, and with different methods of subversive distribution. Going beyond the simple designing of an object, the two week workshop resulted in the development of a methodology allowing for various aspects of the design profession to be experienced, confronting the project with contemporary issues that were highly stimulating for the young students.

Within the framework of the partnership between villa Noailles art centre and Groupe Galeries Lafayette, the Toulon’s store offers a window to Design Parade.

In 2011, we presented the Antoine Boudin workshop with the Toulon Provence Méditerranée  College of Art students. This summer, a new generation of students benefits of this visibility. in parralel to the exhibition in villa Noailles, students show their works, made during the François Dumas workshop.

Antoine Boudin and Jean-Baptiste Warluzel workshop
L’atelier pour mesure

“At the end of the corridor, on the first floor of the École Supérieure d’Art de Toulon, are two adjacent areas which, for the time being, are areas “without identity”.
“L’Atelier pour mesure” occupies a pivotal moment: the opportunity to overturn these anti-spaces into creative and experimental zones, a living space, a space to be worked upon, a space to work in.
Initially, you will study these two areas in order to reveal their strengths and their weaknesses.
You will propose furnishings aimed at redefining this work space, used by the third year students at l’École Supérieure d’Art. One design will be selected per student.
Thus, from initial sketches, right up to production, you will conceive of and undertake the creation of a prototype of your design.
The results of your work will endure for the students who will follow. It will be a piece of furnishing, but it will also be a new identity for the school’s design department.

Why and how could a work space be redesigned?
How do future designers situate themselves vis-a-vis the school that they inhabit and how do they situate themselves in relation to one another? How can both an individual and groups co-inhabit the same space? How can something be designed that is both personal and communal?

“l’Atelier pour mesure”, because an atelier is the locus and space where “making” happens. To make use of the space is to gain an awareness of it and to make a referent of it, to get the measure of it for the designer; the space is the referent, from which objects will be born.”

Antoine Boudin and Jean-Baptiste Warluzel
Brief to the ÉSA TPM design 3rd year students