hyères 27
Jasmina Barshovi Switzerland, Men collection, “The Birds are silent” horaires
A graduate from HEAD, in Geneva, Jasmina Barshovi’s collection evokes the summer of her sixteenth year, the nostalgia of that lost time, and the memory of the boys who surrounded her. Within the few remaining clumsy photos one can no longer hear the birdsong. The blurring of the scenes resembles that of someone’s veiled memories. A soft focus that the designer manipulates like a raw material that she can materialise through fabrics reputed to be fragile. Organdie, cotton voile, silk muslin, as well as more technical textiles that are strangely transparent, conveying light and softness. Here and there, fabric prints outline leafy shadows in trompe-l’oeil. Elements, made from translucent toiles, form additional screens between us and the past, granting the bodies a ghostlike and almost immaterial appearance. In opposition to all of these transparencies is the faded denim, fragmented jeans, sewn onto the front of the legs. One also notices the appearance of vests, shorts, lightweight raincoats, an entire summertime wardrobe that is deceptively basic, redesigned in a displaced and sensitive manner. Each layer of clothing offers in counter-relief a glimpse of each of these now imaginary adolescents’ personality… Were their names Adrien, Mikael, Gaétan, Léo, or Anthony? Jasmina Barshovi is looking to elicit emotion and unrest in this highly sensitive collection.

Collection produced with support from: Première Vision, Vialaton & Martin, Maga Jersey Collection, Bel Maille, Tearfil, Solstiss, ESTIMED, Prym, Puntoseta. Cristals affered from: SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.