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Les Tropéziennes

Atelier Saint-Bernard/ Atelier Rondini
Example n°1: Tropéziennes

L’Atelier Saint Bernard and the villa Noailles
For the first time the Atelier Saint-Bernard, Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles’ former gardener’s house, has been transformed into a workshop and an artists’ residence which, during the FIAMH, will host an exhibition that enters into a dialogue with fashion, the young designers’ creations, and which raises questions on the boundaries between fashion and design.
This first exhibition will feature the work of the Atelier Rondini.

The Atelier Rondini
In 1927, whilst the Noailles were having a pool room built at their new villa, in Hyères, Dominique Rondini established his workshop in Saint-Tropez and dedicated himself to making sandals. Thus, the Tropézienne was born, which was their only model at that time. However, his son Serge quickly designed new lines, taking  inspiration from Capri, India, Egypt and the Sahara.
Today, Alain Rondini continues to produce sandals designed by his father and his grandfather.

Fashion accessory or design classic?
This is the question the exhibition asks, from within a design workshop, during a fashion festival. Tropéziennes have crossed the ages, without dating at all, whilst retaining the same success. Made out of leather, modest, lightweight, sturdy and comfortable. They possess the beauty of well designed objects. The right materials, the right quantities, the right proportions...  Each component is necessary, nothing can be removed. The final touch for this myth: the only place where one may buy Rondini’s Tropéziennes, is from their small workshop on rue Clémenceau.
This family-run, artisanal workshop, using French leather and plying its trade all year round in what is a seasonal town, is truly exemplary.
All equally valid reasons as to why we wished to present these sandals; from the leather, to the finished product. The exposition of a beautiful idea, of beautiful footwear. The reverse side of a handful of pieces of leather which are the pride of our Mediterranean Provençal coast and the beautiful fishing village of Saint-Tropez.

Antoine Boudin