• John Mann, 'Pack Ice', ongoing
  • John Mann, 'Pack Ice,' ongoing
  • John Mann, 'Pack Ice,' ongoing
  • John Mann, 'Pack Ice,' ongoing
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John Mann examines the intense light seen by the very first arctic explorers. By using the photographic still life to visualize the sense of foreign light, the black and white images provide abstractions of the light and minimalist landscape foreign to human eyes. Images from this project explore the desolation of the landscape that is obscured or revealed by the light, and the methods used to understand the distant and foreign land. The project developed from an ongoing interest in the ability to make photographs of distant lands to which the mind has travelled, but the body has not yet been.

John Mann graduated in photography from the University of New Mexico. In particular, he has exhibited at the Katonah Museum of Art (Mapping: Memory and Motion in Contemporary Art, 2010), in Columbia College Chicago (The World as Text, 2010), and at Maryland Art Place, Baltimore (Photographic Transformations, 2010).