• Arnaud Lajeunie, Water Meets Colour, Colour Meets Water, 2011 - Ongoing
  • Arnaud Lajeunie, Water Meets Colour, Colour Meets Water, 2011 - Ongoing
  • Arnaud Lajeunie, Water Meets Colour, Colour Meets Water, 2011 - Ongoing
Photographers selection 2014
Arnaud Lajeunie
Arnaud Lajeunie has staged artificial interventions in nature in order to confuse the habitual interpretation of the landscapes depicted. He explains : “I rely on the camera as a device with technical features that can give tangible shapes to ever-moving fluxes, in this case the waves. The high shutter speed transcends the human reflex of persistence of vision: it reveals existing shapes that the "mortal eye" cannot perceive on its own. Here, colour is seen as a raw material, as are the waves and the rocks. Colour adds density and thickness to transparent water, thus enhancing the flux fixation process.”   

Theses interventions, photographed and gathered under the title Water meets colour, colour meets water, offer novel configurations of the landscapes, filled with a feeling of gentle violence, as the colour brings back memories of, say, blood or chemical pollution, although obtained with innocuous food colouring. As a result, you come across irrational spaces that challenge absolute and stable viewpoints, that says Lajeunie, “challenge the striated space mentioned by Deleuze and Guattari, the latter remaining a core component of modernity. These colour intrusions encourage our imagination to roam outside the bounds of the present pictures and signal an attempt to oppose the human desire to render the physical space we live in both legible and rational.”

A graduate from Sciences Po (Paris) et Ecole des Gobelins (Paris), Arnaud Lajeunie exhibits his work as part of What is Next? FOAM and the group show Résonance / Dissonance at Galerie Anne de Villepoix, Paris. His images feature in the book The Art of Fashion Photography published in 2014 at Prestel. Amongst the magazines with which he works are L’imparfaite, Visionaire, The Room, Wallpaper*, Le Monde, Husk, Blink.