• Charlotte Tanguy, Pоем, 201
  • Charlotte Tanguy, Pоем, 2013
  • Charlotte Tanguy, Pоем, 2013
Photographers selection 2014
Charlotte Tanguy
In the past three years, Charlotte Tanguy took pictures in Russia. Not speaking a word of Russian, she lose there language and the overall understanding of situations. She tells "I make use of this absence of comprehension to freeze the motion of sight on "seeing" much more than "recognizing". In this way, I can separate presence from allegory. For this series, I wanted my pictures to stare intently at a precise point focused on presence. I was interested to note that a layer of realism was washed away while doing so, and that they often took time to be deciphered. As if focusing more precisely on matter meant enhancing the void in its thickness. This paradox made me think of what happens when looking "too" precisely at a word written on paper. The drawing of the letters overwhelms their underlying meaning. The letters become unfamiliar and seem to lose substance, while on the other hand, their physicality reveals itself. The word "роем" can be read in two ways. If read in Cyrillic, it is pronounced "royem", and means "we dig a hole".

A graduate from the Ecole Nationale des Arts-Décoratifs (ENSAD, Paris) and from Ecole supérieure Estienne (métiers d'art), Charlotte Tanguy is awarded in 2012 a grant from the Institut Français Hors-les-Murs (Villa Medicis Hors-les-murs). Her work has been featured in Paul Graham's selection at Fondation Botin, Santander - Spain, in 2011.