• Lorenzo Vitturi, Green Stripes #1, Dalston Anatomy, 2013
  • Lorenzo Vitturi, Dalston Anatomy, 2013
  • Lorenzo Vitturi, Dalston Anatomy, 2013
Photographers selection 2014
Lorenzo Vitturi

Italie / United Kingdom
Lorenzo Vitturi, italian photographer based in London, has led a photographic project in Dalston, the district where he lives. At the heart of Dalston, stands a multiethnic market, which Vitturi has walked through endlessly: "along a few hundred metres of tarmac, to the rhythm of the daily assembling and disassembling of the market, I found women, men, goods and stories pouring out from the four corners of the earth. 
Here in this East-London treasure trove, a riot of colours, words, voices and mantras, shouted and repeated, find their home, each in its own exact position, coming together, creating a multiform, multi-sensorial micro universe. Initially perceived as chaos, day after day, the market has revealed to me its own order and harmony.
Suddenly, connections have made themselves clear: the baroque-like shapes of exotic fruit resemble beautifully sculpted West Indian hairstyles; the colourful ensemble of market stalls matches the vivid patterns of West African women’s clothes; the haggard faces of passers-by seem in tune with the ramshackle architecture of the PVC sheets. 
In Dalston market, everything from the micro to the macro appears visually linked; objects to people; people to spaces; and spaces to objects, in an endless chain of likenesses. Everything belongs together, as if all elements had chosen one another. Over eight months, living between my studio and the market, I collected every type of organic and inanimate object and debris, found or given to me by the sellers: plastic bags, worn, mouldy planks, clothes, wigs, dust.
These found objects were to form a distillation of the market as still life sculptures, a reassembly of its raw elements with my own hands, reworking the anatomies of its characters and attempting to capture and communicate the essence of this unique place." 

Formerly a cinema set painter, Lorenzo Vitturi graduated in photography and design at IED in Rome (2004), after which he went on a two years residency at Fabrica, the Benetton centre for research in communication (2005-2007). Dalston Anatomy was published as a book in 2013 and exhibited at 3H - Foam Museum, Amsterdam as well as at Fishbar Gallery, London . Lorenzo Vitturi has previously shown his work at London Design Festival (2012) and at Milk Gallery, New York  (2013).