• Marleen Sleeuwits, Interior n°41, 2013
  • Marleen Sleeuwits, Interior n°32, 2011
  • Marleen Sleeuwits, Interior n°42, 2013
Photographers selection 2014
Marleen Sleeuwits
Marleen Sleeuwits’ photographic work explores places with which it seems one is unable to make any connection. “I construct and deform spaces in empty office buildings until an image comes into being that conveys this experience. My inspiration originates from specific in-between spaces, such as the empty corners of office blocks, waiting areas in airports or the deserted corridors of hotels. Interiors where we often find ourselves but are shut off, as it were, from our consciousness. Previously, I had sought out and photographed a portrayal of such places; in recent years, in order to delve deeper into the experience of these locations, I have started to interfere with such like interiors. These transformations mostly resemble temporary installations or sculptures and make the experience of disconnection transmissible on a more psychological level.”
The end result is a photographic interpretation of the space. 

Marleen Sleeuwits graduated from The Hague Royal Academy and Saint Joost Academy in Breda, Netherlands. She has exhibited her work at Breda Photo Festival in 2005, two years later at MKgalerie, Rotterdam, and in 2011 at Jeonju Festival, South Korea. In 2012, she features amongst the FOAM Talent shortlist and as such is exhibited at the Unseen photo fair. In 2014,  The Hague gallery LhGWR opens The transparency of appearance, a solo show of her latest work and installations.