• Osma Harvilahti, Tangerine, New Colour, 2013
  • Osma Harvilahti, Horizon, New Colour, 2013
  • Osma Harvilahti, Bazar, New Colour, 2012
Photographers selection 2014
Osma Harvilahti
Osma Harvilahti's photographs aestheticize the world to the point of abstraction; his subjects are treated and portrayed entirely on the level of colour, pattern and form. "My work looks to vision not as means of comprehension, but rather as a process of selection and exclusion." The photographs are deliberately less about representation than about interpretation. The work is structured by chains of ideas and visual narratives that are based on curation of colour and other visual elements. "My idea is to tell stories, not through drama but simply on the surface of the image."

Osma Harvilahti is a graduate of fashion sociology and art history from Helsinki University and of visual journalism and graphic design from Aalto Art University. In 2013, his work has been exhibited in group shows such as Nordic Tones, Art Rebels Gallery, Copenhagen ; 89+, Serpentine Sackler Gallery, London ; Wish You We're Here, Month of Photography Los Angeles. The same year, he released his first book, Osma Harvilahti : Polychromatic, published at Éditions du LIC.