Shortlisted designers
Anna Bornhold
Christina Braun
Yiyu Chen
Sophie Harand
Heini-Maria Hynynen & Elina Aarela
Elina Maattanen
Guillem Rodriguez Bernat
Sophie Salekari
Annelie Schubert
Wieke Sinnige

Photographic commission on the outfits of the ten shortlisted fashion designers by Grégoire Alexandre.


In the footsteps of André and Gaston Durville, Madeleine Renaud,
Jean-Louis Barrault, Christian Dior, Rita Renoir, Monique Watteau, Bernard Heuvelmans, Pierre Balmain for his 1958 campaign, Jean-Pierre Capeyron, Annie Girardot, Georges Moustaki, Michel Simon and Olivier Amsellem, Grégoire Alexandre has participated in a photographic assignment on the mysteries of the island of Levant, to its discrete and secret collaborations, to the free and creative spirit launched in 1932 by the doctors Durville, founders of Héliopolis, the sun state.

Stylist : Marion Jolivet
Models : Daionara Zwicker @Next NY, François Durel @agence Rock Men
Assistants : Marine Billet, Virginie Elbert, Frédéric Margueron, Guillaume Vacquier
Hair : Fred Teglia
Make-up : Céline Martin

Photographic assignment on the outfits of the ten fashion designers by Grégoire Alexandre.