• Oezden Yorulmaz, “Ed Meets Jack No 3”, Ed Meets Jack, 2013
  • Oezden Yorulmaz, “Ed Meets Jack No 5”, Ed Meets Jack, 2013
  • Oezden Yorulmaz, “Ed Meets Jack No 8”, Ed Meets Jack, 2013
Photographers selection 2015
Oezden Yorulmaz
Germany / United Kingdom
Oezden Yorulmaz is interested in how photographical images play an important aspect of self-definition within the western society he cohabits.
He plays in his work with the borders and the limitations of photography’s try to represent reality. He often uses himself as the main protagonist and creates male performs that is acting a narrative or mental state within the space of images or locations.            
In Ed Meets Jack he created a fictional story, told through a series of photographs, which resemble a sequence of film stills.    
By using props or costumes he is trying to create a persona or situation that is aiming to reproduce an authentic atmosphere that only exists within in the space of the image. The photograph acts as a springboard between his performance and the observer and is limited to each one own presumption and experience.

Oezden Yorulmaz studied photography at The Royal College of Art, London. He exhibited his work at Splinter Independent Photography Fair in 2013, and in various group and solo shows in London. He participated in Brighton Photo Fringe in 2009.